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The Power of Seeing
the Whole Picture

Our firm’s specialized experience in the aerospace and defense industry translates to actionable knowledge that can enable our clients' objectives. We leverage our deep understanding of customers' priorities and processes with data driven insights and your operational posture to enable high performance outcomes.

Strategy. Capture. Growth.

Our Services

Our Services

Sawgrass Innovations serves A&D clients by creating and driving strategic, technical, and operational transformations to capture sector advantages and attain growth through innovation and efficiences. 

Strategy Advisement

Enabling growth from strategy to action.

Mergers and Acquisitions

From identification to integration; providing insights to drive growth and manage risk for investors.

Innovation and Solutions

Are the fuel that drives growth and competitive edge.

Pursuit and Capture

Winning is established by how well you execute the fundamentals.

Project Execution

Delivering on promises is what separates the market leaders from the followers.


"Matt Pfrommer is the ultimate problem-solver.  His technical background blends perfectly with his strategic vision; a combination that is unique in any field, particularly in the defense market. An honorable and humble professional, Matt is the engineer with initiative to find solutions for current problems and the visionary with courage to shape future investments that create value in the long term."

Bobby Seigle

Continental Consulting Group Corporation

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