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Pursuit and Capture

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To grow in the defense industry, you must understand and be effective at navigating the defense acquisition process.  Sawgrass Innovations has specialized in strategic pursuit and capture services since its inception, helping its clients win billions of dollars in multi-year contracts and MDAP programs of record. Our approach to helping our clients win is unique in that we fuse our deep understanding of competitive landscape with a strong understanding of the customer value chain and acquisition system to enable balanced solutions that check all the right boxes. 

Our approach to Black Hat and PTW analysis is unlike anything available in the industry. We combine open source research with decades of expert knowledge regarding field specific systems engineering, to design and price out competitive architectures to benchmark your offerings against. Sawgrass does not deal in anecdotal claims or back channel whispering. We produce thoughtful designs that are backed up with factual evidence and historical precedence. These designs can serve as the competitive benchmark to drive outside think into your team’s competitive focus.

Sawgrass believes in listening to the customer. Because we have been the customer previously in our careers, we hear things when the customer speaks that resonate to their priorities and the challenges associated with the acquisition process. Our insights can help your team make better decisions and posture to win with the best value for your customers. 

Let Sawgrass help your team win its next opportunity to fuel your growth to the next level.

  • Price to Win Analysis

  • Proposal development

  • Solution architectures

  • Prototype development

  • Teaming and partnering

  • Black Hat

  • Red/Gold Team

  • Customer engagement

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