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Mergers and Acquisitions

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Strategic acquisitions are powerful tool to drive exponential growth for your firm and its investors. Current day competition for proven A&D targets is fierce, driving valuation multiples in some cases beyond 13 times earnings. The same competition is also giving sellers the ability to demand shorter diligence and faster closings. Whether you are building a complementary portfolio of market leaders, adding to your already successful base, or entering the A&D market to diversify and offset, a bad acquisition can be negatively impactful for many years to follow. In order to be successful in this competitive market, it is critical that your corporate development team have depth and diversity feeding your decision process.

Sawgrass Innovations maintains strong working knowledge of and relationships with emerging and proven players in the A&D space. We combine this knowledge with our intimate understanding of customer trends, preferences, and budget planning to unlock a deeper understanding of a firm’s future potential and associated risk profile. The staff at Sawgrass have decades of advanced technology development experience for the DoD which gives them unique insights into the hurdles and adoption timing that emerging technology will face. These are understandings that are typically not well respected in pro forma analysis but are extremely impactful to the future success of technology driven enterprises.

The Sawgrass team believes the key to success in this highly competitive market is to identify your targets and engage them early before market competition is at play, have a robust plan to integrate and synergize them with your current operations, and develop a powerful vision of future potential that creates long term stakeholders within the current ownership.  


Let Sawgrass support your corporate development team with critical insights tailored to your needs.

  • Target identification and portfolio development    

  • Value creation strategy and analysis

  • Market impact and disruption assessment

  • Technology differentiation analysis

  • Customer experience surveys

  • Growth strategy development

  • Integration planning and execution

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