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Our Advantage

Our team has decades of proven experience in developing winning pursuit and capture strategies across the aerospace and defense sector. We bring more to our clients than a high level addressable market analysis prepared from a third party report, and simple budget scans. We intimately understand the A&D industry because we have decades working in it as business leaders, engineers, analysts, and subject matter experts. We put our knowledge of current trends, emerging opportunities, acquisition experience, and relationship network into every strategy and pursuit we support. 


Our operational experience can allow us to go beyond strategy by developing and executing an action plan. We understand how to operate in constrained and competitive environments, and intimately understand the challenges of growing in an ever-consolidating market space.  Our philosophy for growth is not to overinvest or spread across the entire portfolio, but rather to make selective moves based on timing, know-how, competitive differentiation, and data driven insights. We are believers and practitioners of real-options theory and quantitative risk management.  


The Sawgrass Innovation team wants to understand your challenges and share with you how we can bring our knowledge to your pursuit today.

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