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Project Execution

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The team at Sawgrass Innovations has decades of experience executing and delivering on complex, large, and small development programs. After you win, we can help your team transition to a smooth start on delivering the promises made in the proposal. Our knowledge and experience can help guide your team and avoid early mistakes that could impact the program and customer relations for the entire duration of the contract.


Is your program already off track and needing to recover? Sawgrass specializes in red program recovery by integrating with your team to uncover the key challenges and roadblocks to success. Sawgrass has a unique engagement style that focuses on building trust and using influence to get to the root of execution challenges. We can leverage our knowledge of process efficiency and effectiveness, along with a tacit understanding of team dynamics to advise senior management on options for recovery.

Execution talent is at a major premium these days. More often than not, the team that captures the job may not be the best team to execute it. Sawgrass advisors can serve as a transition bridge to ensure your program gets off to a good start, while you fill out your permanent execution team. We also specialize in strategic team building and can help you make key decisions on the skills sets and talent you choose to fill in key positions.

  • Project management

  • Software development

  • Team building and dynamics

  • Process efficiency analysis

  • Program recovery

  • Government relations

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