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Innovation and Solutions

Image by Simon Fitall

At Sawgrass we believe there is an opportunity to innovate in everything that we undertake. Innovation should not be viewed as a mythical buzz word only reserved for startups in Silicon Valley. It’s a business process fundamental that should be part of every established business, whether you provide services, products, or solutions.  Market leaders in every sector of the S&P 500 have one thing in common; strong innovation pipelines and management processes that fuel their continued leadership in their respective sectors.

Sawgrass specializes in technology portfolio evaluations of emerging and establish companies. Our evaluations can help your team make more informed decisions about the market and growth potential of a particular firm. We can also help identify market leading firms as we are constantly engaging with the next generation of market leaders as they establish their footprint in the A&D market space.

Fueling innovation in your team is a complex and difficult undertaking, but the payoff can be considerable at the next transaction juncture. The incremental process of day to day business operations sometimes obscures the long game view. We believe that having an innovation strategy to enable your growth strategy is an absolute must. The purpose of the innovation strategy is to align the innovation investment portfolio to the business model(s) employed by your firm. A successful innovation strategy must be tailored to fit the company culture, their business strategy, the core value proposition, and technological competencies. Our team has a unique understanding of innovation management that can quickly distil a firm’s innovation potential and establish a plan to invest for exponential growth.

Sawgrass Innovations has decades of experience solving our customers hardest challenges with technology driven innovation. Let Sawgrass put that experience to work helping you establish a strong innovation pipeline to fuel your business’ growth to the next level.

  • Disruption and vulnerability analysis    

  • Portfolio benchmarking

  • Solution architectures

  • Prototype development

  • Product development

  • Market impact analysis

  • User experience assessment

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