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Strategy Advisement

Retro style image of a businessman with clasped hands planning strategy with chess figures

We specialize in helping our clients develop great growth strategies that include organic and inorganic options. Building a great strategy is difficult. Sawgrass has decades of experience in product and systems business development that have shaped a tacit understanding of how the A&D market works today, where it’s going, and what can be realistically be achieved. We believe in options based strategy approach that incrementally expands in scope and investment while leveraging market and customer intelligence to enable data driven investment timing decisions. 


Our approach enables a robust risk management approach to protect against the downside and enable increased upside as growth velocity builds.  Our strategies include a detailed action plan with key performance indicators so your teams can manage and measure their success accurately.


Already have a strategy in place? We also specialize in helping you accelerate your existing strategy through options analysis, due diligence, and pipeline development.

  • Strategy development

  • Options analysis and valuation

  • Risk management

  • Competitive analysis

  • Pipeline development

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